About Kindling Words

Kindling Words is a 501c3 nonprofit community of professional children’s book authors, illustrators and editors that inspires and nourishes our craft: making literature that positively impacts the lives of children and young adults. Kindling Words is inclusive and noncompetitive, encouraging conversation, collegiality, and renewal of the creative spirit.

Kindling Words offers traditionally published authors, illustrators and editors a retreat to hone the tools of their craft, engage in deep conversation with colleagues and fill the creative well with fresh ideas. We meet twice a year: at Kindling Words East, a four-day retreat in Southbridge, MA, and at Kindling Words West, a week-long gathering on Whidbey Island, WA.

The village of Kindling Words welcomes all published creators to our intentionally diverse community of children’s book professionals.  We are choosing to expand the diversity of our attendees, and we continuously strive to create a safe place for children’s book creatives. We embrace and respect the core values of all backgrounds, and will not tolerate any form of hate, discrimination, bullying or belittling either physically, mentally, or socially. We expect all to listen with respect, criticize with kindness, and amplify with energy.

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