Kindling Words East 2024 Schedule

Kindling Words East begins on a Thursday afternoon and runs through Sunday lunch.  Our schedule for 2024 is a bit different from prior years, as we have three speakers and are looking for more ways for our attendees to share their own knowledge. 

The first formal gathering is cocktails before dinner Thursday. The night begins with a slide show introducing each person, followed by a unique special activity to break the ice.

Friday morning begins with an author session after breakfast, followed by an illustrator’s session. The closed editor session meets in the afternoon. Saturday morning is an inside-out panel, where we will tap into the vast experience of all of our attendees. On Sunday morning, there is a session led by collaborating speakers. 

The afternoons are reserved for SPARK SPACE, where small groups gather to talk about subjects that you choose. It’s a great idea to come with a topic in mind, or bring materials to share.

In the evenings, there are planned activities, as well as an open invitation to our Party Salon with wine, juices, goodies, music, board games, and laughter. Feel free to bring things (drinks, treats, games) to add to the bounty!  Friday night we have a featured event, and on Saturday night, we have our Candlelight sessions for both authors and illustrators to share polished works in progress.

Kindling Words East finishes at the end of brunch on Sunday. If you have to have an early departure, a bagged meal can be available to go.

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