A Professional Editor Retreat Like No Other -

Countless conferences, workshops, and retreats exist for authors and illustrators, but when was the last time you heard of a retreat for working editors?  Enter, the Editor Strand at Kindling Words: a gift of time and space for children’s book editors to discuss, not just the business of publishing, but the craft of editing.  And all in the context of a relaxed and noncompetitive environment, just one hallmark of the Kindling Words experience.  There are:

  • no manuscript critiques to prepare or present
  • no speeches to write or deliver
  • no panels to sit on

Topics vary widely and are determined on site by the attending editors and that year’s guest Workshop Leader, a seasoned professional from the children’s book publishing world.  When editors are not in one of the three closed sessions, like participants in the Author and Illustrator Strands, they are welcome join spark-space discussions with everyone else.  Everyone is able to tailor the weekend to their liking – participating in as much or as little of the Kindling Words general schedule as desired. (But chances are very good that you won’t want to miss one single invigorating bit of it!)

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