The Whidbey Institute, Clinton, WA

The Whidbey Institute has a mission to nurture people who are actively making the world a better place, and they are delighted to host our group of children’s book creators on their campus. This gorgeous, rustic, eco-mindful center has many nooks to discover and comfortable spaces to nurture your ideas. The chef is a visionary and creates bountiful, beautiful meals that feel decadent but are stealthily healthy. Set in old pine forests, the trees tower over the cottages, the farm-garden, the labyrinth and the sanctuary. We can walk trails for miles without leaving campus.

At Whidbey Institute, children’s book creators can dive into our silent retreat and accomplish miracles.


Attendees may opt for private or double living spaces. Living spaces include cabins scattered throughout campus, and two houses with communal spaces.

Whidbey Institute has many different kinds of accommodations. All include linens, heat, and access to bathrooms and showers. For more information about accommodations, refer to the Whidbey Institute website.

Because accommodations and desks at Whidbey Institute are limited, attendee preferences will determine how many attendees we can accept. (For instance, if all attendees require single rooms, we can accept only 22 attendees.)

As you prepare for registration, consider whether:
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